In Medieval Times when the King and Queen wanted to hear the truth about what was happening in their lands they often sought the advice of the Court Jester, as he could tell them what they didn't want to hear, but needed to know.

Today, there are many Kings and Queens of their own castles, but unfortunately it would seem that as the time comes to learn the hard truths about retirement there are not enough Jesters.

Your health is your greatest asset and it also happens to be your biggest expense too, isn't it time you learned the truth?

What is Jester Financial Technologies

A financial software firm that understands that information is not always at your finger tips, especially when it comes to planning for the cost of your health in retirement.

There are many financial institutions that do tremendous work when it comes to asset building, planning for college or creating stock/bond/mutual fund portfolios, but addressing concerns of affording health care costs…well for that, there is us.

Jester Financial Technologies was created with one purpose in mind: to provide the average person with the tools necessary to inform themselves about how they can plan for one of their biggest expenses in not only retirement, but their life – their health. In a time where the subject of health costs dominate the media, the political landscape and your bottom line planning with all of the facts has never been more important.

The one issue that over 92% of Americans are missing

Due to legislative changes dating back to 1993, in order for a person to receive Social Security benefits they must also accept Medicare when eligible: meaning no longer covered by credible health insurance through an employer and or spouse's employer.

This means that you and anyone else who happens to decide to receive their Social Security benefit will have a guaranteed cost and that cost will be automatically deducted from your Social Security income, thus leading to lower guaranteed income in retirement.

What is worse, this cost is also being "means tested", meaning it is based on your income and the more income you have the more you will pay for health.

What is income you ask? Well, the way the rules of retirement have been changed, practically everything in your financial plan.

It can not be said enough, What you don't know about retirement will hurt you!

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The Rules of Retirement Have Changed

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