76 Million people are missing the largest piece of retirement planning.

Are you one of them?

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What type of Financial Professional are you?

Be the type that can help each and every person you meet and make their lives better.

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We believe that if people are properly educated about how health costs will impact them in retirement, they will adjust how they are saving today in order to make tomorrow easier..

Dan McGrath


What is the missing piece of Retirement Planning.

A typical conversation we hear is that someone has worked hard to plan for retirement. They have followed the guidelines of a trusted financial professional and executed on a plan to ensure their future. What they do not realize is there is a missing piece. One that will derail even the best laid plans.

What is this piece?


What a Financial Professional needs to know

Listen to your clients and you will hear that all they want is to be financially safe in retirement. Based on a survey by Merrill Lynch, 63% of all people surveyed are worried about not being able to afford health care and long term care expenses. Are you the one to help and show them how to ensure their future?

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