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Immigration…Can it and should it last?

Many people may take the position that no matter where they look, it seems there are more and more people. Schools are overcrowded, traffic is backed up in our cities and on our highways, every flight is packed to the gills, and the line to get a simple cup of coffee is practically out the […]

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Most and Least Affordable States to Reside in for Original Medicare Coverage

In retirement, when it comes to health coverage there is only Medicare. Here is a breakdown of the most and least affordable states to reside in for of Original Medicare that includes a Part D Drug Plan and a Medigap Plan G policy: With the cost of Medicare coverage reaching over $405,000.00 this year for a […]

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2020 Retiree Healthcare Costs

With 2020 comes some changes within Medicare and unfortunately with these changes the out-of-pocket expected costs for a couple retiring today have increased significantly. For a couple, both 65 years old today, projecting to live until age 87 for the female and 85 for the male the expected cost to insure themselves through Medicare will […]

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Medicare Supplemental Coverage (Medigap Plans) 2020 premium information

With the new year, 2020, some changes came with Medicare and for those who opted for Supplemental Coverage, or Medigap Plans, the biggest one was the fact that new retirees could not purchase a Plan F policy when enrolling into the program. The significance is due to the fact that though a Medigap Plan F […]

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2020 Medicare Premiums and Costs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2020 Medicare premiums and costs that impact retirees for 2020. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t seem to bring a lot to be merry about for the upcoming year. Here is a breakdown of what retirees on Medicare should expect in upcoming costs for 2020: Part A […]

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2020 Medicare Part D premiums – good news they are trending lower


2020 looks to be another good year for Medicare beneficiaries in terms of prescription drug coverage (Part D) as premiums nationally have decreased yet again for the second straight year. In 2020 the national average premium, according to the Centers of Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) is projected to be about $40.61 a month for those who […]

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Guess what? The government thinks you are rich

Good news! The government thinks you are rich and they are about to tax you accordingly. Bad news! Your financial advisor doesn’t see the problem they created and you don’t feel rich. Where the disconnect happens is once you are retired, you will enroll in Medicare and begin taking Social Security. Within Medicare there is […]

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Is Medicare for All the right solution?

With Congress killing any chance for healthcare reform within the United States for now there seems to be a push for a single payer system to be the solution and within that solution there is a cry of Medicare for All to solve the nation’s healthcare issues. On the surface, this may appear to be a […]

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Traditional 401(k) verse a Roth 401(k)…when you health is on the line a Roth wins every time

The choice of investing into a Traditional 401(k) or a Roth 401(k) has been a debate since the Roth was designed and consensus tells us that they way to go is with the Traditional 401(k) as that is how many investors have gone. Unfortunately, when certain legislation concerning health coverage is applied this may not […]

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