Did You know..

That you are correct to be concerned about the cost of your healthcare in retirement.. and here is why.


Due to regulations in order to collect Social Security you MUST enroll into Medicare or you will forfeit all benefits from Social Security

Assets Matter

The type of assets you hold and earn income on will directly impact your Medicare costs.

Income Matters

Medicare is also means tested, meaning the more you earn in retirement the more you pay in Medicare costs and the penalties range from 40% to 220% more.

Its Automatic

Medicare premiums and surcharges due to income are automatically deducted from Social Security benefits. Medicare is inflating at over 7% while Social Security COLA’s are only expected to be 2.8% at best – it is only matter of time before Medicare premiums catch up to Social Security benefits.

Estimate Your Costs

Use the calculator below to get a quick and FREE estimate on what your costs for healthcare in retirement could be.

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