Our Process and Software

Powerful Process

A Simple Way to Engage New and Existing Clients

Starts with a Conversation about Healthcare

Engage your clients with the most important topic in regards to their retirement. How their income will impact the mandatory costs of health care. Use our process to correctly educate them.

Illustrate Current impact of Healthcare on Their Financial Plan

Our process continues with an illustration of what the impact is on the current financial plan. Simply add in the current retirement assets of your client and our software will produce an easy to report of the impact of those assets and which ones are helping and or hurting the plan.

Compare Different Financial Scenarios

Once you illustrate the impact, you work with the client to show alternatives to lessen the impact. This could be giving the client reasons to move from a Traditional 401(k) to another vehicle such as: Roth, life insurance or others.

Powerful Software

Explore How Our Software Will Help You and Your Practice

Beautiful Design

We put a lot of effort in design, as it’s the most important ingredient of successful software.

Powerful code

Patent Pending calculation algorithm to help you steer your clients in the right direction.

Dedicated Support

We love what we do and provide outstanding support for all our software.

View Annualized Costs

Now show your clients how their health costs will impact their financial plan, year by year, over the course of their full retirement.

Project Healthcare Costs

By answering a few simple questions the costs can be estimated by using data from sources such as Medicare and the leading healthcare firms in the nation.

Engage Your Clients

Invite your clients to run a report on their own at no additional cost you or them. Get your branded pages and all the report info is saved in your dashboard.

Platform Agnostic

You are not tied to working with certain planning software, use what you have and and augment with ours.

Manage Unlimited Clients

Our software allows you to run reports for all of your clients without having to pay a per client fee. It also allows you to easily access reports that have been saved.

Run What-If Scenarios

Change up information in the report to see how it affects health care costs and expenses.

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Scepter Healthcare Software - ($849.00)

  • Downloadable Medicare educational materials.
  • Downloadable Understanding Medicare booklet.
  • Unlimited Clients.
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Reports for projected costs of Medicare and LTC
  • Run multiple scenarios in each report
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