That Traditional 401(k) is bad for your health

The alarm has been sounded, we have been told that Social Security retirement may go bust and this has prompted a renewed call for employees to utilize Traditional 401(k) plans in order to save more for their retirement. The question though; What if that Traditional 401(k) plan winds up being bad for your health? Yes, Traditional […]

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You may be better off smoking than investing into a Traditional IRA or 401(k)

It’s not up for debate, smoking is bad for you. It leads to cancer, harms every single organ in the body and has become somewhat expensive as well, but when planning for retirement you may be better off smoking than investing into a Traditional IRA or 401(k). Sounds ridiculous, we know, but with the understanding […]

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4 conversations that must take place with your financial advisor

4 conversations that must take place with your financial advisor! In retirement income is the key. Without it the ability to maintain your life-style as well as fund the basic necessities is next to impossible. Unfortunately, though, the rules have changed and not all income is the same in retirement. When it comes to health […]

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Planning for healthcare in retirement – some pros & cons of investment products

As you may already know by now, you will have a mandatory expense in retirement known as health coverage, and surprise! – it will be determined by the amount of income you will have in retirement. In 1993 there were changes to Social Security’s Program Operations Manual System (POMS). A person receiving Social Security Retirement […]

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Chris Christie’s plan to save Social Security by taking away your benefit. Unfortunately it has already be done!!!

Do you ever get the feeling that the country has either checked out as a whole, or has been brought back to life by Dr. Frankenstein using Abby Normal’s brain? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his steps to save the Social Security program for the entire country the other day in New Hampshire, and […]

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And the Regulations will be Televised

Rejoice, Americans – Congress has done it again! Another year and another opportunity to punt the Medicare/Health Spending can down the road… Back in 1997, our government began its quest to tackle the unsustainable increase in healthcare spending by enacting legislation which created a formula, aptly titled “the Medicare Sustainable Growth formula”, through the Balanced […]

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4 reasons why you need life insurance that no financial firm will tell you

When it comes to retirement planning, investing and insurance there is no shortage of financial (*cough*) “experts” who espouse the supposed sage advice of eschewing permanent life insurance vehicles such as Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life, or Indexed Universal Life in favor of Term Life Insurance. They recommend taking the premium savings and investing the […]

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Your retirement savings may just already be nationalized by the government

With the unveiling of the President’s signature retirement savings account for individuals who do not have the access to an employer retirement savings plan, the myRA account, whispers of nationalizing Employer Retirement Plans are starting to appear.

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Medicare’s Hold Harmless Act: unfortunately, it’s not for everyone

Medicare’s Hold Harmless Act – An act written into Medicare by laws through the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 and then revamped in 2009, by “Medicare Premium Fairness Act”, that has been designed to protect seniors’ Social Security cost of living adjustments (COLA’s) from being consumed by Medicare premium increases year by year.

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