You need an Annuity: the reason federal regulations

There is plenty of financial advice screaming that you should stay away from Annuities, but the truth, when you apply federal regulations, is the simple fact that, yes, if you are relying on Social Security in any way you need an Annuity. The reason is quite simple: due to federal regulations your Social Security benefit […]

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Women, Retirement and LTC why this often happens

Have you ever wondered why nursing home residents are primarily women, and why they never seem to have visitors? Data confirms this, as according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of the roughly 1.4 million Nursing Home residents in 2013, about 67.7 percent or roughly 960,000 were women. The question that should […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need An Annuity that you will never be told

For the past few years, the Motley Fool has been releasing articles on the five worst things that you can do with your money. Their latest advice (brought to you by Sean Williams, a “Fool” since 2010), does not make sense in the big picture of retirement, especially when your health care costs are factored […]

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Fidelity Investments’ $220,000 Healthcare Number, is it right

It seems like every spring season there is a new healthcare amount announced by Fidelity Investments for people who are turning 65 during the year and this spring season is only slightly different from the last. This difference lies in the total cost or the reduction of the overall cost of projected healthcare, which Market […]

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