Medicare’s 51.8% Part B premium will crush every state’s budget

As you may have heard the Medicare Board of Trustees in its 2015 Annual Report is calling for a 51.8 percent increase in the Medicare Part B premium. The premium is expected to jump up to $159.30 in 2016 from $104.90 in 2015. The good news, as we pointed out in “Social Security benefits appear to […]

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The Debt Crists: what it really means

With Congress and the President doing the two-step Lindy when it comes to the future of our economy, there is one under-reported fact. Even if the debt level was actually breached, there are safety valves that the Federal Government can implement in order to save itself. So in reality the past government shutdowns, as well […]

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February 2018: A possible wake-up call for financial planning.

One of the greatest concerns the general public has is how to fund for all of the costs associated with health care in retirement. The proverbial elephant in the room is the simple fact that this one expense is either not being addressed at all, or, at best, the probability of it being properly planned […]

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Rising interest rates and your state & local governments

Interest Rates have been at historic lows since the start of the recession and now there are rumblings from those on Wall St and other financial gurus that they will start to creep up.  But, has anyone thought about the ramifications of an increase in rates on governments at the state & local levels? As […]

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Obamacare will be great for the economy, but unfortunately it may not be for you

A few of the stated goals that have been mentioned about the Affordable Care Act are that it, the ACA,  will lead to an increase in job growth, will jump start the economy, will bring back manufacturing to the United States and yes it will, even, pay down the deficit. Believe it?

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While you are looking at Obamacare, something else just happened to your retirement

With everyone studying the Affordable Care Act trying to decipher what may happen to investors in the future, the real problem that is unfolding is what will happen to investors  in the future due to legislation that has already been implemented well before Obamacare was even thought of. There are 3 key pieces of legislation […]

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