Chris Leone

Chris Christie’s plan to save Social Security by taking away your benefit. Unfortunately it has already be done!!!

Do you ever get the feeling that the country has either checked out as a whole, or has been brought back to life by Dr. Frankenstein using Abby Normal’s brain? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his steps to save the Social Security program for the entire country the other day in New Hampshire, and […]

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Sex changes in prisons, not the only high health costs tax payers will face

Many in this country have by now heard about the most recent case of a California inmate successfully suing that state for a sex change, setting taxpayers back about $100,000. A federal judge ruled in favor of the inmate, stating that under the 8th Amendment within the United States Constitution, any denial of treatment “violates […]

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Social Security and Medicare are hand in hand

What may be flying under the radar at many of the Social Security seminars being held across the country is that in order to even receive this benefit one must, when eligible, enroll into Medicare or else.

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Medicare Means Testing (IRMAA)

What is it? As defined by Medicare: “If you have higher income, the law requires an adjustment to your monthly Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and Medicare prescription drug coverage premiums (Part D). Higher-income beneficiaries pay higher premiums for Part B and prescription drug coverage. Layman’s terms: If you make too much income in retirement […]

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Is it misinformation or something more sinister?

Survey after survey confirms that one of the most major concerns investors have is planning for their health costs in retirement, and rightly so. With legislative changes coming from both Congress and the President, the course of this expense that everyonemust have has taken some drastic turns in the not so distant past. Some of the […]

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The Debt Crists: what it really means

With Congress and the President doing the two-step Lindy when it comes to the future of our economy, there is one under-reported fact. Even if the debt level was actually breached, there are safety valves that the Federal Government can implement in order to save itself. So in reality the past government shutdowns, as well […]

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Medicare’s Hold Harmless Act: unfortunately, it’s not for everyone

Medicare’s Hold Harmless Act – An act written into Medicare by laws through the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 and then revamped in 2009, by “Medicare Premium Fairness Act”, that has been designed to protect seniors’ Social Security cost of living adjustments (COLA’s) from being consumed by Medicare premium increases year by year.

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