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From the Fiduciary Rule to the myRA to the Government regulating Employer Retirement Plans

In the past 6 months the federal government has already expanded the fiduciary rule, which states that a person controlling another person’s assets must place that person’s needs before them, along with designing the myRA, a retirement account for individuals that do not have access to an Employer Retirement Plan, i.e. a 401(k).

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February 2018: A possible wake-up call for financial planning.

One of the greatest concerns the general public has is how to fund for all of the costs associated with health care in retirement. The proverbial elephant in the room is the simple fact that this one expense is either not being addressed at all, or, at best, the probability of it being properly planned […]

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Obamacare will be great for the economy, but unfortunately it may not be for you

A few of the stated goals that have been mentioned about the Affordable Care Act are that it, the ACA,  will lead to an increase in job growth, will jump start the economy, will bring back manufacturing to the United States and yes it will, even, pay down the deficit. Believe it?

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