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Merrill Lynch survey – top retirement concern is health care costs

According to a recent survey conducted by Merrill Lynch it would appear that, for people 50 years old and older, the major concern in retirement was the overall cost associated to health care.

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I saw this on NBC News last night…a Fair warning about Medicare

There is a video making the rounds through an email with the subject header being titled “Fair Warning… I saw this on NBC News last night”.

This email and the video is quickly becoming somewhat of instant phenomenon within the financial planning industry as it touches on how hospitals use the terms “Under Observation” and “In-Patient” and the impact that it may have on finances.

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Planning for your parents retirement…you should be!

Ever hear of Filial Support Law? The little unknown law on the books of 29 states that has the possibility to impact anyone who has a parent residing in them. Under this law each state can go after the families of people who have unpaid health costs which they accrued while being enrolled under Medicaid.

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Something your financial advisor won’t tell you: your Social Security benefit will be lower than you think.

The buzz in the financial industry is all about Social Security; there are seminars daily on the subject, software programs by the dozens that help people plan for it, and whole practices that are designing themselves around it to build a better retirement for you. However, what is the one little thing that every financial […]

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