Fidelity Investments $245,000 health care cost estimate is less than truthful and they know it

Fidelity Investments is at once again at it in terms of espousing healthcare wisdom. They announced their new projections on what retirees can expect to incur as costs for their health coverage in retirement, and it seems more than a little disturbing, especially when little things like facts and math are figured in… But hey, why […]

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Sex changes in prison are not the only high health costs tax payers will face

Many in this country have by now heard about the most recent case of a California inmate successfully suing that state for a sex change in prison, setting taxpayers back about $100,000. A federal judge ruled in favor of the inmate, stating that under the 8th Amendment within the United States Constitution, any denial of […]

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And the Regulations will be Televised

Rejoice, Americans – Congress has done it again! Another year and another opportunity to punt the Medicare/Health Spending can down the road… Back in 1997, our government began its quest to tackle the unsustainable increase in healthcare spending by enacting legislation which created a formula, aptly titled “the Medicare Sustainable Growth formula”, through the Balanced […]

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Think you will never go in nursing home? You’re probably right, but for all the wrong reasons.

They say invincibility is a trait of the young. It’s a mindset that changes gradually with knowledge, education, and wisdom. It’s also something a person gets over as they become less ignorant later in life. But apparently today, many supposedly older and wiser people still believe they are invincible. Ask any financial planner worth their […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need An Annuity that you will never be told

For the past few years, the Motley Fool has been releasing articles on the five worst things that you can do with your money. Their latest advice (brought to you by Sean Williams, a “Fool” since 2010), does not make sense in the big picture of retirement, especially when your health care costs are factored […]

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Merrill Lynch survey – top retirement concern is health care costs

According to a recent survey conducted by Merrill Lynch it would appear that, for people 50 years old and older, the major concern in retirement was the overall cost associated to health care.

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Why was the Affordable Care Act created – Individual Responsibility

As the year known as 2014 comes to a close and the new year of 2015 creeps closer the subject of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may start to overtake the conversation of Americans as the Individual Mandate may finally be enforced throughout the country. The question, at times, that has been raised at many […]

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2014 Healthcare Costs in Retirement. How much are really going to be?

On the hearts and minds of many people in and heading towards retirement is the concern about what health care will really cost them in the future and if it will be as high as it is being predicted. This concern is merited since up until very recently the thought of planning for any healthcare […]

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The forgotten 3rd Guarantee in life to death & taxes – health costs

Throughout history it is has been said that there are only two axioms permanent in life: death and taxes. But, thanks regulations from the federal government, there is a third, which just happens to be healthcare costs.

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President Obama’s myRA. A brilliant idea.

The myRA was announced during President Obama’s January 2004 State of the Union Speech to much fanfare from political pundits an the media and after a few months, even though those in the financial industry seem to be set against it, the Treasury is moving forward on it. This proves, again, that when it comes to […]

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