Looking at Reverse Mortgages? You may want to

Planning for retirement is on the hearts and minds of almost every single Baby Boomer, roughly 76 million Americans. Survey after survey happens to lead to the fact that planning for health care as well as planning for Long-Term Care (LTC) is a major concern. The reason for this is that many of these Baby […]

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Think you will never go in nursing home? You’re probably right, but for all the wrong reasons.

They say invincibility is a trait of the young. It’s a mindset that changes gradually with knowledge, education, and wisdom. It’s also something a person gets over as they become less ignorant later in life. But apparently today, many supposedly older and wiser people still believe they are invincible. Ask any financial planner worth their […]

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Another way to look at Amnesty that may impact your health care in retirement

Today, the United States is facing a major problem it has yet to encounter in its entire 200 year history, and is one that could possibly alter the economic and political landscape going forward. Despite what you may think while standing fourteen deep in the express checkout line at the grocery store, the United States […]

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Long-Term Care, the 5 year look back & Medicaid – Things may have changed for your children

Those that have followed or are planning on following the age old advice of hiding assets along with income to qualify for Medicaid in order to receive “free Long-Term Care” may want to sit down and read the fine print to the actual rules of Medicaid. Things have surprisingly changed and what you don’t know […]

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