Medicare Modernization Act

Medicare Supplemental Coverage (Medigap Plans) 2020 premium information

With the new year, 2020, some changes came with Medicare and for those who opted for Supplemental Coverage, or Medigap Plans, the biggest one was the fact that new retirees could not purchase a Plan F policy when enrolling into the program. The significance is due to the fact that though a Medigap Plan F […]

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2019 Medicare Board of Trustees Report

The 2019 Medicare Board of Trustees Report has been released and the following is a breakdown of what can be expected in the future from Medicare, through at least 2028. The data is courtesy of the 2019 Medicare Board of Trustees Report. Part A: The Part A Deductible is expected to inflate 3.53% annually. The […]

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Chris Christie’s plan to save Social Security by taking away your benefit. Unfortunately it has already be done!!!

Do you ever get the feeling that the country has either checked out as a whole, or has been brought back to life by Dr. Frankenstein using Abby Normal’s brain? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his steps to save the Social Security program for the entire country the other day in New Hampshire, and […]

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Medicare is Means Tested (IRMAA)

Medicare is means tested thru IRMAA – The Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount! What is it? As defined by Medicare: “If you have higher income, the law requires an adjustment to your monthly Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and Medicare prescription drug coverage premiums (Part D). Higher-income beneficiaries pay higher premiums for Part B and […]

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February 2018: A possible wake-up call for financial planning.

One of the greatest concerns the general public has is how to fund for all of the costs associated with health care in retirement. The proverbial elephant in the room is the simple fact that this one expense is either not being addressed at all, or, at best, the probability of it being properly planned […]

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President Obama’s myRA. A brilliant idea.

The myRA was announced during President Obama’s January 2004 State of the Union Speech to much fanfare from political pundits an the media and after a few months, even though those in the financial industry seem to be set against it, the Treasury is moving forward on it. This proves, again, that when it comes to […]

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Should you plan for the cost of your healthcare – your Social Security benefit may depend on it

The common sense answer would, obviously, be of course you should, but when the stats are tallied and the facts shown it would appear that the common sense answer is not being applied at all, and this may wind up costing you more in retirement than just your health. According to Sun Life’s Flying Blind […]

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Something your financial advisor won’t tell you: your Social Security benefit will be lower than you think.

The buzz in the financial industry is all about Social Security; there are seminars daily on the subject, software programs by the dozens that help people plan for it, and whole practices that are designing themselves around it to build a better retirement for you. However, what is the one little thing that every financial […]

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While you are looking at Obamacare, something else just happened to your retirement

With everyone studying the Affordable Care Act trying to decipher what may happen to investors in the future, the real problem that is unfolding is what will happen to investors  in the future due to legislation that has already been implemented well before Obamacare was even thought of. There are 3 key pieces of legislation […]

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