2020 Medicare Premiums and Costs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2020 Medicare premiums and costs that impact retirees for 2020. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t seem to bring a lot to be merry about for the upcoming year. Here is a breakdown of what retirees on Medicare should expect in upcoming costs for 2020: Part A […]

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2019 Medicare Board of Trustees Report

The 2019 Medicare Board of Trustees Report has been released and the following is a breakdown of what can be expected in the future from Medicare, through at least 2028. The data is courtesy of the 2019 Medicare Board of Trustees Report. Part A: The Part A Deductible is expected to inflate 3.53% annually. The […]

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Predicting health care costs???

When we are confronted with the topic of health care costs (particularly those faced by retirees), numbers are often bandied about that seem not only vague, but oftentimes misleading. Unfortunately, this is due to a serious lack of understanding amongst the American populace of the true extent of health care costs, and how greatly these […]

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Fidelity Investments’ $220,000 Healthcare Number, is it right

It seems like every spring season there is a new healthcare amount announced by Fidelity Investments for people who are turning 65 during the year and this spring season is only slightly different from the last. This difference lies in the total cost or the reduction of the overall cost of projected healthcare, which Market […]

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