From the Fiduciary Rule to the myRA to the Government regulating Employer Retirement Plans

In the past 6 months the federal government has already expanded the fiduciary rule, which states that a person controlling another person’s assets must place that person’s needs before them, along with designing the myRA, a retirement account for individuals that do not have access to an Employer Retirement Plan, i.e. a 401(k).

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Your retirement savings may just already be nationalized by the government

With the unveiling of the President’s signature retirement savings account for individuals who do not have the access to an employer retirement savings plan, the myRA account, whispers of nationalizing Employer Retirement Plans are starting to appear.

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President Obama’s myRA. A brilliant idea.

The myRA was announced during President Obama’s January 2004 State of the Union Speech to much fanfare from political pundits an the media and after a few months, even though those in the financial industry seem to be set against it, the Treasury is moving forward on it. This proves, again, that when it comes to […]

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