The Debt Crists: what it really means

With Congress and the President doing the two-step Lindy when it comes to the future of our economy, there is one under-reported fact. Even if the debt level was actually breached, there are safety valves that the Federal Government can implement in order to save itself. So in reality the past government shutdowns, as well […]

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Women, Retirement and Long Term Care

Have you ever wondered why nursing home residents are primarily women, and why they never seem to have visitors? Data confirms this, as according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of the roughly 1.4 million Nursing Home residents in 2013, about 67.7 percent or roughly 960,000 were women. The question that should […]

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Think you will never go in nursing home? You’re probably right, but for all the wrong reasons.

They say invincibility is a trait of the young. It’s a mindset that changes gradually with knowledge, education, and wisdom. It’s also something a person gets over as they become less ignorant later in life. But apparently today, many supposedly older and wiser people still believe they are invincible. Ask any financial planner worth their […]

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Another way to look at Amnesty that may impact your health care in retirement

Today, the United States is facing a major problem it has yet to encounter in its entire 200 year history, and is one that could possibly alter the economic and political landscape going forward. Despite what you may think while standing fourteen deep in the express checkout line at the grocery store, the United States […]

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4 reasons why you need life insurance that no financial firm will tell you

When it comes to retirement planning, investing and insurance there is no shortage of financial (*cough*) “experts” who espouse the supposed sage advice of eschewing permanent life insurance vehicles such as Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life, or Indexed Universal Life in favor of Term Life Insurance. They recommend taking the premium savings and investing the […]

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5 Reasons why you need an Annuity that the Motley Fool will never tell you

For the past few years, the Motley Fool has been releasing articles on the five worst things that you can do with your money. Their latest advice (brought to you by Sean Williams, a “Fool” since 2010), does not make sense in the big picture of retirement, especially when your health care costs are factored […]

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Merrill Lynch survey – top retirement concern is health care costs

According to a recent survey conducted by Merrill Lynch it would appear that, for people 50 years old and older, the major concern in retirement was the overall cost associated to health care.

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Interview with Scott Halliwell of USAA

Jester Financial had a recent interview with Scott Halliwell, Media Spokesman for Personal Financial Advice at USAA on “Eyes and Ears Wide Open” which can be heard on WSMN 1590 AM, Nashua NH’s Source for News & Talk Radio. The conversation quickly turned to health care costs and what USAA is doing to help its […]

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Health Care Costs in Retirement, how much are they going to be really?

On the hearts and minds of many people in and heading towards retirement is the concern about what health care will really cost them in the future and if it will be as high as it is being predicted. This concern is merited since up until very recently the thought of planning for any health […]

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