Roth 401(k)

Traditional 401(k) verse a Roth 401(k)…when you health is on the line a Roth wins every time

The choice of investing into a Traditional 401(k) or a Roth 401(k) has been a debate since the Roth was designed and consensus tells us that they way to go is with the Traditional 401(k) as that is how many investors have gone. Unfortunately, when certain legislation concerning health coverage is applied this may not […]

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Planning for healthcare in retirement – some pros & cons of investment products

As you may already know by now, you will have a mandatory expense in retirement known as health coverage, and surprise! – it will be determined by the amount of income you will have in retirement. In 1993 there were changes to Social Security’s Program Operations Manual System (POMS). A person receiving Social Security Retirement […]

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